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The Only Two Shoes You Need This Summer

The Only Two Shoes You Need This Summer

Rawad Sleem | IG @itsrawadsleem |

Summer means BBQs, short shorts and knitted polos. In addition, we need to bring up two of the perfect summer shoes, unlined loafers and espadrilles.

Don't break the bank

Most of us do not have the Matt Hranek lifestyle so we'll really only need warm weather clothes just for the summer. That being said, it probably isn't worth shelling out $400+ for a pair of shoes you’ll only wear for a few days out of the year. So I am going to keep it under $200 so you can be happy and comfortable all summer.

The unlined loafer by Meermin

For $195, Meermin offers a plethora of unlined loafers. A handful of different materials, colors and styles, they make it fairly easy to find your perfect loafer. Personally, I went for the 114414, which is a simple pointed penny loafer in both tan and brown "softcalf."

Meermin's softcalf is legitimately SOFT calf, like super soft. No need for socks because of the thinness and the leather they use, you really won't sweat and after a large handful of wears, they still smell of strong, great quality leather.

Meermin's Sizing

Meermin uses different lasts throughout their catalog. The unlined loafer, specifically, uses their Ron last. A Flex Goodyear Welted bottom that is very well made for the price you are paying. The Ron is a little bit narrow at the toe but is also fairly rounded which gives it a very nice shape. For me personally, the Ron fit true to size but that wasn’t the same for other loafers I have from the company. Also keep in mind the sizing is UK sizing, so me being a US 9, I purchased a size 8 UK. Check out the rest of the collection on

Keep it Casual with Espadrilles 

On the other hand, let’s talk about a whole different silhouette that actually serves close to the same purpose as a loafer. Yes, you can dress down a pair of loafers with some shorts and a knitted polo, but sometimes you want it to be even more laid back. That's where Soludos comes in. Ranging from $85-$95, their espadrilles come in a decent amount of colors and some even have stitched prints. My personal favorite is the Dry Martini Smoking Slipper. They have a fun print on each shoe, the glass and the olive, but come in a color that is easy to wear throughout the summer. 

Soludo Espadrilles Quality

Again, for the money, you can't beat it. The cotton they use on the upper is organic, while the sole is braided throughout and is exposed in the insole. From my experience, their slippers fit true to size and are comfortable for what they’re needed for. These are also a no-sock kind of shoe so I recommend a pair of shorts or cropped pants. More of Soludo's Espadrilles.

The Perfect Day

Imagine a day like this. First you wake up, beach front, maybe one small cloud in the sky and the waves gently crashing. You throw on a button up and your espadrilles and sit outside with your coffee and breakfast. After that you throw on your trunks with the same outfit and hit the beach all afternoon. You get some reading done, have lunch and hit the water. Now the sun is slowly disappearing so you cool down with a shower and get ready to go out for dinner. You get cleaned up with a nice pair of linen pants, a loose, short sleeve, linen button up and a pair of subtle unlined loafers. The outfit is lightweight and comfortable while still looking like a million bucks. You end the night with a smooth white wine, oysters and the fish of the day. Then a cigar to really close out your perfect day and all you needed were your espadrilles and loafers.

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