Our goal is to keep it simple and make sure you are happy with our services.

Our Watches

Our goal is to describe all our watches as accurately as we possibly can. All watches are timed before sale, and if needed, they are serviced or regulated before being shipped to their new owner. If a watch is regulated or serviced it will be stated in the description. If a watch has not been serviced or regulated that means the watch is running with good accuracy and amplitude and did not need any work done. All watches are described as new or used and if they come with their original box and papers or not. With all our vintage watches, because of age, there are zero guarantees on water resistance and we do not recommend any of our vintage pieces to be submerged in water. If you have any inquiries about one of our pieces please feel free to contact us.

Other Products 

Before being listed all items get examined to make sure they have zero defects and their condition. When listed we make sure to accurately describe the item and the condition it is in. All our products are represented in the photos and that is the exact item that would be purchased through that specific listing.


If a watch has been delivered to you and is not as described or damaged please contact us right away. If so, you can return the item within 3 days of delivery. Please view photos and read the description carefully before purchase. *fees may apply