Rolex 1501 - Rivet


What an understated watch. A 34mm Rolex Date featuring a thick and beautiful engined turned bezel. The riveted bracelet gives it a true vintage rolex feel and the clean silver dial gives it class. A watch that is not given much love by its size but deserves to be worn. Yes, the case is 34mm but the bezel is thick enough to give it a 36mm feel and for the $2000 you’d save from buying a 5 digit 36mm, does 2 millimeters really kill the deal? That’s for you to decide.


Case Width: 34mm

Year: 1970

Dial: Amazing condition

Band Material: Metal Riveted Oyster

Condition: Running at -8 seconds a day

Lug to Lug: 43 millimeters

Lug Width: 19 millimeters

Case Material: Stainless steel

Case Condition: Great condition, no significant nicks or scratches

Dial Condition: Great condition, no stains

Movement: Automatic winding

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